👨‍💼7. CanaBoyz Game

The time has come when you can become a virtual farmer in the CanaBoyz Game.

Let's look at the order of actions that need to be performed to start the game:

  • Use the Arbitrum One network - instructions

  • The next step is the purchase of the $AirCNB token - you can buy it on the Trader Joe Xyz DEX exchange. The token is traded in a pair of $AirCNB/USDT, for the purchase you will need ETH to pay for gas fee and USDT to buy a $AirCNB token. (There will be a link to the trading pair here). You can also buy a token inside the game, it's much easier.

  • Use our website to log in to the game, click on the start playing button and connect the game to your wallet on the Arbitrum One network.

  • If you are playing with desktop, then click on the button with instructions, there you will be told how to play.

  • After logging into the game, you will see several sections, a affiliate program - here is your link to recommend our products to friends and a button for your wallet. By clicking on the wallet, you will see your personal balance in tokens and the game balance - there are rewards from the game.

  • If you still don't have tokens, you can buy tokens directly in the game, go to the appropriate section and make a purchase.

  • Now we need to figure out what products and prices are in our ecosystem, please go to the next page.

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