📺4. Mission

The missions of our ecosystem:

  • We want to work long and steadily, so we strive for an ideal financial model so that we and users can be proud of our project. Therefore, we chose circular tokenomics for our ecosystem and a limited release of our token.

  • Affordable and simple products to attract a large number of customers. Over time, we will be able to create our own applications for our products to increase the potential reach of a possible audience.

  • In addition to the desire to work for a long time, steadily and gradually expand the capabilities of our ecosystem in attracting more customers, we have goals to produce more and more themed games that are suitable for the cannabis market audience.

  • The most global mission is to unite our entire community into a big mechanism and show the whole market that games can be not only fun and profitable, but also useful for real business. We want to launch our own service for CBD products. In this service, people will be able to book cannabis products or receive various coupons, all of which will be available through the use of NFT.

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