☝️8. NFT characters and their capabilities.

NFT Characters and Their Possibilities - 4,420 NFTs.

CanaBoyz is a harsh world in which a huge number of gangs compete for dominance in the cannabis market.

There are a total of 4 types of characters:

  • Grower, a true expert in cultivating all varieties of cannabis. There are the most of these cards, but there must be a lot of Grovers too!

  • Seller - will push your crop to anyone! His job is very dangerous and requires special skills. It's hard to imagine a business like this without these guys!

  • Fighter - it's better not to mess with him. Maybe you have heard that at least 5% of people break the rules and laws? For a fighter the law is not written, he is loyal only to your business. The best protector of your virtual crop!

  • Boss - is a strict and fair manager who will get your business off to a flying start. He'll take care of all the organizational aspects of your plantation! All this will have a great effect on your income in cryptocurrency.

There are a total of 4 classes of gangs at the moment:

Afro: a gang of gangsters of African descent. Some of the top professionals in all things cannabis business! Each of them has worked their way up to the business of a lifetime:

  • Grower: this guy was born in the U.S. and in New York City. As a teenager, he started rapping on the streets while moonlighting as a local barista. At one point he realized this was his true calling. He spent years learning the art of growing the finest varieties of cannabis and was incredibly successful!

  • Seller: moved to Washington with his immigrant parents from Jamaica, home of the beloved reggae. Such background had an effect on the young man, from his school years he got addicted to weed and shared it with the whole neighborhood (not for free, of course).

  • Fighter: a professional welterweight boxer. He was predicted to have a serious career in big sports, but one day he became a victim of one of the gangs that run rampant in his town. The young athlete was shot and could not continue his career. The culprits were never found, so he accepted the rules of the game and took the path of crime. Believe me, if he was assigned to guard the plantation, it is in good hands.

  • Boss: there is almost nothing known about his past. One thing you can know for sure is that he runs one of the most dangerous black gangs on the continent! The competition in this business is the toughest, but he's not used to it. Over the years he has managed to build a serious business and is not going to stop!

Yakuza: the benchmark for organized crime in Japan. One of the most famous and dangerous gangs in the criminal world. A very strict hierarchy and peculiar relationship between a boss and his subordinates helps to achieve incredible results in the criminal business:

  • Grower: an ordinary family, an ordinary Japanese school, and a traditional upbringing. It would seem that what could go wrong? As is often the case, financial difficulties in the family forced the guy onto a slippery slope.

  • Seller: from a wealthy Japanese clan. It's a family business, so Seiler has known the ins and outs of the cannabis business since he was a kid. He wasn't toyed with, but spent his childhood in a prestigious neighborhood in the yakuza headquarters and learned from his father.

  • Fighter: a unique case of a samurai joining the yakuza. He decided that in the gang he would be able to unlock all of his fighting skills and achieve maximum success. Luckily for him, it works out that way! Experience in the ranks of the Japanese police does not hurt for criminal activity.

  • Boss: following tradition, incredible charisma, and brutal management techniques has put him in charge! The trade is booming, and legends of his gang have traveled the world. No one would wish such experienced competitors.

Slavic Gang: the Slavic gang began to form back in the Soviet Union and gained maximum influence after its collapse. They are called one of the most structured criminal gangs in the world! Their brutal business methods frighten the competition. Agree, you would not want to get in their way.

  • Grower: a quiet, inconspicuous and extremely important member of the gang! Cultivates such varieties that even Jamaicans could envy his skills. In the harsh Siberian conditions, he oversees the cultivation of plants that bring huge profits to the whole gang.

  • Seller: knows what real trouble with the law is. In his few years of activity, managed to be many times in places not so distant. But connections in the criminal world allowed him not to stay behind bars for long. Too valuable to the gang. He would sell anything to anybody!

  • Fighter: street fighting is his passion. No professional sports, only the strict laws of the streets taught him how to survive. Where would a man like that come in handy? Of course, in the illegal business! His brothers gave him a lift so that things would run more smoothly. After all, few would take out the bazaar with this formidable fellow. The crops are safe!

  • Boss: a gangster with serious connections. One call is enough to make the competitors give up their interests and give way to a real authority! In his long life of crime he has found nothing better than the cannabis business.

Italians: appeared in Sicily and spread their influence to the United States. A real family with a strict organization and code of conduct. The maximum level of trust and responsibility of each gang member makes it a formidable player in the business.

  • Grower: Italy's warm climate makes you think of a personal plantation. This guy grows on an industrial scale, so you can be sure of his usefulness to the gang!

  • Seller: hails from the port city of Bari. A ship sailed in, picked up the crops, and moved on. His Italian-born charisma and communication skills have made him a successful worker in this business!

  • Fighter: since his youth, he has earned the nickname "Legionnaire". He fights so hard that you wouldn't envy his opponents. Such talent could not go unnoticed for long, so one day, he was invited by his uncle to a new job. Now it's the family business, for which he is responsible with his head.

  • Boss: a true symbol of the criminal business. He earned his authority when gangsters from other gangs tried to find out where his brother's underground farm was located. A true man of his word, who is loyal to his loved ones and able to take any business to the highest level!

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