🛒8.1 Perspectives of NFT characters

It's time to sort out the future features of our NFT collection.

RiskFi - in addition to the grinder, in the 1-3Q of 2023, we will launch a game where gangs will be able to fight among themselves. You will be able to place bets and roll dice, the gang who knocks out the most points per round gets the bet of the losing side. In this direction, additional artifacts will be used to raise the combat power of your gang.

An arcade game for your gang, this is a particularly cool direction that will expand the customer base of our ecosystem. In this direction, we plan to create our own application for phones. Players will be able to place bets against each other and compete in scoring. The game will be maximally active and somewhat similar to the popular Doodle Jump game.

The game will have the opportunity to play for free or for a fee, it's everyone's choice. In addition, we plan to add a system of turins for competing gangs and an affiliate program from each match.

The genre of voiced games corresponds to the genre of PVP and RiskFI. The implementation period is 1-4Q 2023.

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