🌱7.2 Buying seeds

Any financial games carry risks, please keep this in mind.

Information about Bronze Seeds will be added later

Facts about the game CanaBoyz:

  • Seeds always cost $ 50, payment is made with a $AirCNB token. Depending on the cost of $AirCNB, the actual amount that will be spent on seeds may vary in different amounts of tokens.

  • When buying seeds, you never know what kind of bushes you will come across, this is due to your luck and the percentage of rarity.

  • Your bushes will live as long as they haven't met their income goals.

  • If you have violated the rules of watering, the bush may die. Watering and harvesting is necessary every 3 days, if there has been no watering for 6 days, the bush will die. Watering skips are counted from the time of planting, not from the last watering.

  • If you missed watering once, you need to water 1 time more than usual - in order to get your harvest again.

  • If the management team of the company notices that you are acting dishonestly towards our products or other players, we have the right to apply any sanctions without any compensation.

About the rules for making a profit:

  • Every 3 days you can harvest, each harvest brings you points. The amount of points received may vary - it all depends on the rarity of your plants and their number.

  • Every Sunday, the company calculates how many points were received by the players.

  • After calculating the points and the number of tokens received from the game's tax system, we exchange your points according to the formula described in one of the pictures. Each week, the cost for 1 point may be different.

  • Every Sunday, your points are reset to zero and in return you get a $AirCNB token. The token goes to the gaming wallet, then you decide what to do - withdraw profits or expand your farm.

  • When you have received an exchange of points for tokens, the system remembers at what rate you received your reward and fixes it. Next week, the fixation will be already at the new rate. This means that you make a profit in any case - but the result always depends on your strategy. Thanks to the hold strategy, you can earn much more. But always be aware of the risks.

  • This mechanics of the game is circular and does not entail risks in the excess amount of payments to users. The company pays only what it can afford to pay. This in turn leads to a smooth development and an increase in the price of the $Air CNB token rate.

On the next page, we will get acquainted with the cost of artifacts that can help accelerate the development of your farm.

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