🛤️5. USPs

Our unique offer:

  • All our products are located in the popular and affordable Arbitrum One blockchain. This allows you to provide cheap gas fee and reliability. Also a big plus is that this blockchain does not have any restrictions around the world and has a great effect of audience penetration from the ERC-20 blockchain.

  • Affordable and cheap entry into our ecosystem of games

  • Ecosystem products are available from desktop and mobile devices

  • A large community of cannabis lovers, everyone can find their own gang and play together.

  • Permanent bonuses for our community and contests, even if you don't have the initial money to buy our products, you can always win them. It's enough just to be active in our community and help us grow.

  • Ample opportunities for additional income, if you want to earn with us, you can use the affiliate program. Attract friends and get up to 15% of the purchase by your friends. Part of the rewards are paid in the $AirCNB token, and rewards in USDT are also available.

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