7.1. Marketplace

Welcome to the company's game store, here you can buy game products.

Let me tell you about the products you can buy:

  • Seeds for growing plants Pots for planting plants

  • Fertilizers - for more fertile land and increased profit

  • Lamps - for a good climate and increase the possible income from your bushes.

  • Climate Control - sometimes it can be to stuffy or dry, this artifact will help you adjust the climate for your plant and increase profits.

  • Weed Run - this artifact allows you to grow plants instantly, but it has a limited emission and if it is over, it will no longer be there.

Seed purchases are available for $AirCNB tokens, artifact purchases are available for USDT. In addition to the company's store, you can find a game marketplace where people can exchange goods between each other.

Let's go to the next page to get acquainted with the prices of sunflower seeds and find out what profit they can give.

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